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C-Tech offers a wide range of carbon fibre products including tubes, laminates and rods. With high strength-to-weight ratios, carbon fibre has become the preferred choice in many applications across industries globally including sailing, aerospace, film, sporting, medical, automotive and other recreational fields. Shop our premium carbon fibre product range and if you can't find what you're after, we can design a custom solution.

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We manufacture the carbon fibre solutions below from a variety of tubes and rods, but if you can't find something you're after, we can also create a bespoke solution.

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Composite Part Manufacture

We specialise in manufacturing premium custom carbon fibre parts. We keep up to date with the latest materials and technology to ensure our customers receive the best solution for their needs.
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Our facilities are set up to provide a steady, consistent, reliable production run of composite parts. Handling both small and large production runs for customers including the manufacture of OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts. QC is a huge priority to us, ensuring our products are of the highest standard.
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Product Development & Prototyping

Our team are experts in composite materials and manufacturing, turning your ideas into reality. Our experience in product development and production across an array of manufacturing methods will ensure your project is on the right path, saving time and costs.
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CNC Machining & Tooling

We use high durability composite tooling for all of our projects. Our capabilities with our plotter, CNC machine, tools & pattern cutting mean we can provide an end-to-end solution.
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Design & Engineering

Our design team have an innovative mindset, practical engineering skills and extensive knowledge of composites that we have used to successfully engineer products for a diverse range of applications.  
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"C-Tech's flexibility in design and build, combined with a willingness to collaborate on ideas, helped in producing the best components for our needs, giving us the best results."

Rig Construction Coordinator
Emirates Team New Zealand

With over 25 years of experience producing world-class carbon fibre, trust us to help make your project a success.

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