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arc/sec Lab: Uwe Rieger & Yinan Liu

The kinetic XR installation LightScale II floats through space like a giant whale. On its path it generates holographic narratives of a virtual ocean.

We approached C-Tech with a unique design challenge to fabricate the structure of a kinetic interactive installation. The 18m long object needed to be lightweight and deployable for easy transport, while featuring a cantilever of 12 m. The highly competent team at C-Tech was absolutely great to work with and delivered an impeccable solution.

The core structure consists of a 20-metre long carbon fibre construction, mounted asymmetrically on a single point support. On a touch of the visitor the construction oscillates freely through space.

A motion tracking system combined with ultra-sound sensors recognises touch, position and movement of the LightScale. A live-render program overlays a multi-layered volume of mesh fabric with projected 3D images and animations.

LightScale II was first exhibited at the Cathedral of Linz, Austria, for the Ars Electronica Festival 2017.

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