Ice Drill

Ice Drill

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Antarctica expedition

Natalie Wilson the project manager of the Antarctica expedition describes their mission as carrying out cutting-edge science, crucial for understanding Earth’s climate in the dynamic and relatively unknown physical environment of Antarctica.

“Working with C-Tech was a pleasure, they were consistently helpful, professional, and went the extra mile to make sure the project was a success.”

In order for Natalie and her team to successfully drill the sea ice plug samples, they needed a core barrel. This core works similarly to an apple corer, plunging into the ice without any spin. This allows platelet ice layers to be captured along with the water that fills the gaps between the ice crystals, without the structure collapsing. Maintaining the platelet layers allows bacteria, algae and animals living between the platelets to be collected with their habitats. Therefore, the core barrel had to meet specific requirements to be light enough for the team to move, carry and maneuver to their sampling locations. As well as being strong enough and stiff enough to withstand the relentless bitter cold environment, and the fierce drilling process.

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