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Our Carbon Fibre Fabrication Capability

C-Tech is a premium composites manufacturer in Auckland, New Zealand. We have developed our composites skills to engineer world winning products beyond the marine industry, expanding into automotive, aerospace and the experimental aviation game changers.

The experience and expertise we have gained from our successful yacht racing background has supported us to become a preferred supplier to America’s Cup teams, the demanding Superyacht industry, Olympic sailors and Volvo Ocean Race campaigns.


Industries we service

From olympic dinghies to leading aerospace components, our carbon fabrication experts can support virtually any performance-lead carbon fibre project.

Our Services

Composite Part Manufacture

We specialise in manufacturing premium custom carbon fibre parts. We keep up to date with the latest materials and technology to ensure our customers receive the best solution for their needs.

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Our facilities are set up to provide a steady, consistent, reliable production run of composite parts. Handling both small and large production runs for customers including the manufacture of OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts. QC is a huge priority to us, ensuring our products are of the highest standard.

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Product Development & Prototyping

Our team are experts in composite materials and manufacturing, turning your ideas into reality. Our experience in product development and production across an array of manufacturing methods will ensure your project is on the right path, saving time and costs.

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CNC Machining & Tooling Manufacture

We use high durability composite tooling for all of our projects. Our capabilities with our plotter, CNC machine, tools & pattern cutting mean we can provide an end-to-end solution.

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Design & Engineering

Our design team have an innovative mindset, practical engineering skills and extensive knowledge of composites that we have used to successfully engineer products for a diverse range of applications.  

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Our Infrastructure

Humidity & temperature controlled

Clean Room

C-Tech has a world class 600sqm high stud positive pressure, humidity and temperature controlled clean room. This infrastructure for our Pre-preg work has increased capacity for production as well as further improving the quality of the manufacturing processes.

Temperature & pressure controlled


C-Tech's pressure and temperature controlled autoclave can cure components up to 15.3m long and 1.44m in diameter in one piece.
Max Internal Length: 15.3m        • Max Internal Diameter: 1.44m
Max Temperature: 180°C             •  Max Pressure: 7 ba

Eastman S125


Eastman S125 Pre-preg cutter/plotter with a 1.5m x 10m flatbed.

Subtractive Manufacturing

5 Axis CNC Router

Our Routech R200 5 Axis CNC router has an XYZ bed size of 5,500mm x 1,500mm x 1,000mm. It is used to machine foam cores, moulds, jigs, prototypes, 2D and 3D sheets and complete post production processing in house...
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Custom Built

Roll Wrapping Machines

C-Tech has a range of custom built roll (also known as mandrel) wrapping machines. The wrapping machines improve quality of laminate consolidation and can handle tubes up to 1200mm in diameter, 15m long.

Additive Manufacturing

3D Printing

As additive manufacturing technology rapidly develops C-Tech is keeping up to speed and integrating parts into our products. C-Tech's design capability means we are able to carry out in-house mechanical analysis. Plastic and titanium are most commonly used for short runs, prototypes or complex parts that are impossible to machine. Additive manufacturing is complementary to the services provided by our partner company Absolute CNC.


Spray Booth

We have many years of experience in painting carbon fibre to suite your needs.



C-Tech processes over 30,000sqm of Pre-preg fibre each year. We use the latest materials available to satisfy the customer’s mechanical, chemical and heat requirements.


  • Carbon
  • S-Glass
  • E-Glass
  • Kevlar
Resin Systems:
  • Epoxy
  • Phenolic

Core Materials

Machined In-House
  • Honeycomb
  • Foam

Tooling Materials

Machined In-House
  • Aluminium
  • Carbon
  • Tooling
  • Board
  • Timber
  • Steel

Carbon Plate

Machined In-House
  • Autoclave cured Carbon fibre plate.

Metals & Alloys

Machined, Printed, Integrated
  • Titanium
  • Alumium
  • Steel

See why ambitious companies around the world
partner with C-Tech

"We are a customer of C-Tech battens on Kaizen and had heard about some of their Americas Cup work, so when we came to build a new keel we put C-Tech on the list to approach. Coming from our One Design Sailing background we know that C-Tech deliver both quality and precision and as passionate sailors themselves, you are going to get ideas and contribution to a better end product."

Andy Robertson
Kaizen Owner

"We are a customer of C-Tech battens on Kaizen and had heard about some of their Americas Cup work, so when we came to build a new keel we put C-Tech on the list to approach. Coming from our One Design Sailing background we know that C-Tech deliver both quality and precision and as passionate sailors themselves, you are going to get ideas and contribution to a better end product."

Andy Robertson
Kaizen Owner

"C-Tech have really stepped our programme up another level this year, contributing greatly to getting our car down 20kg on last season! Their carbon is second to none in terms of both looks and strength! It has held up flawlessly to a lot of abuse while running on tracks with both rocks and large clumps of dirt. The perfect option to step up your race programme next season!"

Ryan Barry
Ryan Barry Racing

"The team came up with tapered hollow booms that fitted our brief perfectly, and we’ve now been using their manufacturing services for a number of years. The quality and service provided by C-Tech’s engineering staff are always of a high standard, and they are a great team to work with"

Tony van Tiel
Oceania Aviation

"Working with C-Tech was a pleasure, they were consistently helpful, professional, and went the extra mile to make sure the project was a success"

Craig Stewart, Marine Physicist

"C-Tech's extensive experience and up-to-the-minute knowledge of everything composites has been invaluable to Wing in development of all-new manufacturing techniques. And their strong relationships with suppliers brings access to customised materials solutions that otherwise couldn't have contemplated"

Mike Palmer
Wing Acoustics

"We approached C-Tech with a unique design challenge to fabricate the structure of a kinetic interactive installation. The 18m long object needed to be lightweight and deployable for easy transport, while featuring a cantilever of 12m. The highly competent team at C-Tech was absolutely great to work with and delivered an impeccable solution."

Associate Professor Uwe Rieger
Lightscale - Head arc/ sec Lab

"C-Tech's flexibility in design and build, combined with a willingness to collaborate on ideas, helped in producing the best components for our needs, giving us the best results"

Rig Construction Coordinator
Emirates Team New Zealand

"Working with C-Tech for the past year has been an absolute joy. In a development class like the Moth, adapting quickly to the latest developments is absolutely essential to stay on top of the fleet and C-Tech has constantly been looking for new ways to get every single bit of performance out of the boat"

Nicolai Jacobsen

"C-Tech have done an awesome job. We raced the state title on the weekend and the boat felt fast, getting a 5th, 1st and 3rd". Not bad considering I put the mast on the boat on Thursday and finished building the main Thursday night."

Scott Beeby

"I used the new mast for the first time today with a Wavelength sail, the same sail I have been using. I just can’t get over how different the boat feels. I can’t tell you what the mast was doing that was different but it just felt good. Very happy. I’ll say it again the C Tech masts are just so superior over anything else."

Paul Cohen

"I'm really impressed with the mast and sail combination. I do feel this mast suits the sail even better than the old mast. The bend is incredibly even for/aft and stiffer sideways but still an even bend. Just massive steps forward. The pressure in the main sheet is impressive. The sail shape is bloody wonderful. Very even break all along the luff, top of sail opens up perfectly in a puff while the bottom half remains with excellent closure/ return in the leech. She just wants to accelerate forward."

Geoff Fisher

"The boat is going well in any conditions, which is great: we are super-fast with no wind, it is a true lake racer! But we also handled steady 25 knots going upwind with good speed. To beat the football team it needs above 12 knots of wind and foils, lets see next year."

Thomas Jundt

"It has been a pleasure to work with C-Tech on this project - We are happy to have them as partners"

Michi Aeppli
Quant Boats

"We've had our C-Tech SnuffAir for 12 months now and have used it flawlessly. It's even better than I expected actually, this is a massive sail and personally I don't think you could beat this."

Dougall Love

"It has been a game changer switching to FlexiFurls. They have given us true race performance in our furling sails. Also the service has been tops, so really happy all around."

Peter Homberg

"We have used your product for many years and you know we call your battens a bit of a magic wand. They are a tool, but are hidden within the sail and you don't see them. Just like there are so many bad tools out there, there are also many bad battens. C-Tech battens are the tool that can actually make a bad sail look better, and make a good sail look great."

North Sails

"WOW! When the order arrived not just on time but... ahead of time!"

Don Manning

"Slick building time and slick delivery."

John Butcher

"The reassurance I've had in dealing with Tim makes me feel like I'm in very good hands. And because of service and guidance I decided early on to proceed with commissioning a new boom and spinnaker pole also to go with the mast."

Travis Tubman

Manufacturing Processes

C-Tech has a well-equipped 2000sqm purpose built factory that was built in 2010 to meet all manufacturing needs.

C-Tech's manufacturing processes include:
Drawing, design, tool manufacture, mandrel wrapping (male moulding), female moulding, wet laminate, vacuum infusion, oven and autoclave curing, complete fit-out, painting and finishing of products. C-Tech offers a total post-production service by the manufacture of CNC machined components, including aluminium moulds for proto-type or production runs.


How it works

Creating your custom order is easy. Our team works with you to develop and meet your precise design and performance specifications.

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Our technical experts will scope out the needs, requirement and specs for your project.

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Once you’ve confirmed on your bespoke solution, we’ll create a competitive quote.

Start production

After you’ve confirmed your quote, we’ll begin to manufacture your product. This typically takes X weeks but may be longer depending on your requirements.

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We generally ship orders within 10-15 business days within New Zealand.
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