Mastering the Moth

In the dynamic world of Moth sailing, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. Over the past two years, C-Tech has introduced its groundbreaking 05 Range of Moth Masts, setting new standards for performance and elevating the overall sailing experience for male and female sailors in this ever-evolving class.

A standout feature of the 05Range is its smaller diameter, achieved by transitioning from a 37mm to a 33.68mm mandrel. This change serves two primary purposes. Firstly, it enables a more streamlined deck sweeper pocket, enhancing aerodynamics and maximising sail efficiency. This development complements the smaller high modulus mast posts supplied for Maguire and Mackays, resulting in a cohesive rig setup. Additionally, the reduced mast diameter contributes to reduced drag, optimising the performance of the entire rig.

The shift to a smaller mandrel also brings another advantage: the ability to manufacture the mast with a slightly thicker wall, providing the same stiffness with only a minimal weight penalty. This innovation significantly enhances the strength and durability of the new 05 range of masts. Building upon this progress, C-Tech has introduced the 05F mast, specifically designed to cater to lighter (mostly) female sailors weighing around 65-70kg or even less. This softer option, when paired with one of the new smaller area sails, allows these sailors to compete more competitively in medium and stronger winds, further expanding the accessibility and inclusivity of the sport.

In conjunction with the advancements in mast design, C-Tech has also revealed a new dual-tapered boom. With a front width of only 22mm, this boom contributes to a cleaner and more efficient deck sweeper pocket. The meticulous attention to detail in the boom's construction ensures a reduction in weight while exemplifying C-Tech's unwavering devotion to delivering the lightest and most finely finished Moth spars in the market.

C-Tech's focus to driving innovation extends beyond spars and masts. The company has made significant strides in Moth batten development, becoming the trusted supplier for all three major Moth sailmakers: North Sails, Quantum (Formerly Lennon) Sails, and Doyle Sails. By collaborating closely with Mackay Boats, C-Tech has also developed new foils, bringing a touch of magic to the Bieker Moths. As if that wasn’t enough, C-Tech continues to supply carbon tubing to Maguires, catering to the needs of both Aerocet and Exocet Moths.

The buzz is building as we approach the highly anticipated Moth Worlds 2023, set to begin on June 7th at WPNSA GBR (Weymouth). This thrilling event will showcase the remarkable talent and dedication of the world's top Moth sailors. For New Zealand sailors, there's an added sense of excitement and motivation, knowing that the 2024 Worlds will be hosted right in their own backyard. The stunning Manly Sailing Club, located just a 45-minute drive from C-Tech's Avondale factory, will provide the back drop for this future event. Equipped with the latest C-Tech gear, local New Zealand sailors are ready to deliver a strong performance on their home turf. Our continual dedication to innovation and excellence ensures that C-Tech sailors have the cutting-edge design needed to display their skills.

As the countdown continues for both the 2023 and 2024 Moth Worlds, the stage is set for an exceptional display. With C-Tech's support and the passion of Moth sailors, these upcoming Worlds promise to be an event worth keeping an eye on.

C-Tech's relentless pursuit of excellence in Moth development has revolutionised the class, pushing boundaries and inspiring sailors to reach new heights. As the industry leader, our commitment to innovation, craftsmanship, and performance continues to shape the future of Moth sailing.