Ascending Beyond Limits!

UC Aerospace's remarkable performance at the 2023 Spaceport America Cup underscores the potential of advanced carbon technology, fortified by our strategic partnership.

With a victory in the 30K COTS Category and a commendable 3rd place overall, UC Aerospace demonstrated exceptional dedication and technical prowess. Their achievements include surpassing rigorous safety assessments, excelling in conference discussions, and shining in technical evaluations. Notably, their early-morning readiness on Launch Day 1 secured them the 3rd spot in final safety reviews and the 4th position among 120 teams for launch, establishing their dominance in the 30,000 ft COTS category.

Their technical feats were equally impressive. Deploying the N5800 motor resulted in a notable Mach 2.1 velocity, reaffirming their technological excellence. The precision in deploying the recovery system highlighted meticulous planning, with an analysis of altimeter readings showing just a 25-foot deviation from the targeted 30,000ft altitude – a testament to their precision.

Six months of unwavering dedication and preparation culminated in an exceptional outcome, solidifying UC Aerospace's standing as a formidable aerospace contender. This achievement is the fruit of collaborative efforts, and we extend sincere gratitude to our sponsors and supporters for their pivotal role.

We also acknowledge the Experimental Sounding Rocket Association (ESRA) for their exemplary dedication to executing the competition. The organizers and volunteers ensured integrity, reflecting the event's significance in advancing aerospace knowledge.

Stay tuned for forthcoming multimedia content that will provide a comprehensive insight into this momentous achievement. C-Tech Ltd and UC Aerospace take pride in sharing this milestone, highlighting the fusion of carbon innovation and aerospace excellence.