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Carbon fibre spars & tubular composites 

C-Tech's performance-led composite solutions...

C-Tech's carbon fibre masts, booms, prods, spinnaker poles and sail-track are used by high-performance racing skiffs, centre-boarders, small multihulls and sport boats.  

Our carbon fibre spars and components are standard or custom built.

C-Tech also supplies a wide range of carbon fibre tube (C-T Carbon tube) for industrial and sporting use. Our carbon fibre sail battens (C-T Sailbattens) are first choice on the world's top racing yachts.  Why choose C-Tech?

C-Tech are Proud Suppliers to the Q23

Q23 Garda1-81
C-Tech are proud rig suppliers for the Q23 foiling production sports boat. We have worked together with Quant Boats to come up with a rig solution that can handle the high loads generated by the unique DSS foiling configuration. We are just finishing off a set of 10 production rigs. The Q23 is a truly innovative project that has succeeded in delivering a versatile foiling boat that is easy enough for amateurs to step on and experience high speed foiling. The boat was recently announced winner of the ‘European Yacht of the Year’ award. The Q23 is able to ‘fly’ at 20 knots boat speed in just 6 knots of true wind speed. The current speed record is a thrilling 27 knots.
Tim Willetts of C-Tech says "It has been a pleasure to work with the brains behind this project - Hugh Welbourn and Michi Aeppli. There are few people with more passion for their product in the industry than Michi". C-Tech wishes happy foiling and maximum enjoyment to all the new Q23 owners.
See more about the Q23 at www.quant-boats.com.

Some of our products

C-T PlateBattenC-T Plate battens are new to the market and extend our batten range to yachts from 12ft - 90ft.   carbon spreaders on bandsSets of carbon spreaders on bands are available for a wide range of classes
16ft Skiff with C-Tech carbon mastWe have oval profiles for 16ft Skiff booms and make carbon prods and masts. Wayne Carkeek, Windkart at Raglan 2012Buy C-T carbon tube at carbon-tube.com
To see examples of tube view our custom tube photos
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