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Carbon fibre spars & tubular composites 

C-Tech's performance-led composite solutions...

C-Tech's carbon fibre masts, booms, prods, spinnaker poles and sail-track are used by high-performance racing skiffs, centre-boarders, small multihulls and sport boats.  

Our carbon fibre spars and components are standard or custom built.

C-Tech also supplies a wide range of carbon fibre tube (C-T Carbon tube) for industrial and sporting use. Our carbon fibre sail battens (C-T Sailbattens) are first choice on the world's top racing yachts.  Why choose C-Tech?

Full Carbon J-Foils

SL33 Foil  -544-10-587SL33 Foil  1-864
C-Tech has recently completed a set of J-foils for an SL33 using a new construction method. Utilising previous experience gained from Americas Cup foil projects we developed a full composite elbow join.
The finished J -foils weigh 34.5 kg and are stronger, lighter and stiffer than superseded set.  The key to the success of this project has been in developing a cost-effective manufacturing method that enables the right mix of off-axis fibre in the elbow that has been consolidated by autoclave pressure.

Some of our products

C-T PlateBattenC-T Plate battens are new to the market and extend our batten range to yachts from 12ft - 90ft.   carbon spreaders on bandsSets of carbon spreaders on bands are available for a wide range of classes
16ft Skiff with C-Tech carbon mastWe have oval profiles for 16ft Skiff booms and make carbon prods and masts. Wayne Carkeek, Windkart at Raglan 2012Buy C-T carbon tube at carbon-tube.com
To see examples of tube view our custom tube photos
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