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From racing dinghies to superyachts to high-profile aerospace projects; C-Tech apply their passion and vast experience to engineering world-winning products. C-Tech is a premium marine composites manufacturer in Auckland with a passion for sailing, a proud yachting history and extensive experience across a broad range of applications.

C-Tech's products include the world-leading C-T Sailbattens, masts, booms, prods, spinnaker polessail-track and C-T Carbon tube. Our carbon fibre spars and components are standard or custom built.

With recent expansion we are doing more complex female moulded composite components.  Why choose C-Tech?

C-Tech helps Emirates Team New Zealand get to Bermuda

Hamish Hooper Emirates Team New Zealand
Photo Credit - Hamish Hooper/Emirates Team New Zealand

C-Tech is proud to have been involved with Emirates Team New Zealand for yet another cup campaign.

It has been a 15 year long partnership since C-Tech and Emirates Team New Zealand first worked together during their 2003 campaign to supply sail battens. Despite radical changes in the boats themselves, C-Tech continues to supply top-end carbon components to the high-tech foiling race yachts. C-Tech has now supplied the team with wing components, rudders, dagger board cases, fairings, lifting posts, tiller extensions, accumulator tubes, struts, prods and ‘bike components’ for their 2017 challenge. 

C-Techs’ managing director Alex Vallings has been working with the Team since day one.  “C-Tech is delighted to be working with Emirates Team New Zealand” says Vallings. “Over the last 5 campaigns we have seen a massive change in technology - foiling has turned sailing on its head.  There has been a huge amount of learning needed from the teams, which has given us a fantastic opportunity to learn with them, and keep abreast of the latest developments and manufacturing techniques.” 

Emirates Team New Zealand Shore Manager Sean Regan commented “C-Tech have taken on a key role building specialised componentry as part of the build group for our current AC class yacht. The team at C-Tech ensures the constant last minute changes to design and construction are communicated, planned and implemented efficiently to ensure the parts are completed on time and quality controls remain at the highest standard”

The staff at C-Tech enjoys working with Emirates Team New Zealand, and wish them all the best in Bermuda.

Go the Kiwis!

Some of our products

cte9736a 72DPI ctsailbatten-244Explore our range of world leading sailbattens.   SL33 Foil  1-579-96-664Utilise C-Tech's capabilities with your custom female moulded project.
U20 mast-399Enquire about your custom carbon mast. C-Tech Tube-393Buy C-T carbon tube at carbon-tube.com
To see examples of tube view our custom tube photos
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