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From racing dinghies and superyachts to high-profile aerospace projects; at C-Tech we apply passion and vast experience to engineering world-winning products. We are a premium marine composites manufacturer in Auckland with a proud yachting history and extensive experience across a broad range of applications.

C-Tech's products include the world-leading C-T Sailbattens, masts, booms, prods, spinnaker polessail-track and C-T Carbon tube. Our carbon fibre spars and components are standard or custom built.

With recent expansion our capabilities now include female moulded composite components.  Why choose C-Tech?

C-Tech's 5 axis CNC router is now operational

C-Techs 5 axis Routech R200 CNC Router-291

C-Tech is always looking to grow capabilities and stay at the cutting edge of technology delivering premium products to its customers. We have recently added new infrastructure to complement our extensive range of dedicated laminating machines, plotter, world class clean rooms, ovens and autoclave. Read the full article here

Some of our products

cte9736a 72DPI ctsailbatten-244Explore our range of world leading sailbattens.   SL33 Foil  1-579-96-664Utilise C-Tech's capabilities with your custom female moulded project.
U20 mast-399Enquire about your custom carbon mast. C-Tech Tube-393Buy C-T carbon tube at carbon-tube.com
To see examples of tube view our custom tube photos
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