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From racing dinghies and superyachts to high-profile aerospace projects; at C-Tech we apply passion and vast experience to engineering world-winning products. We are a premium marine composites manufacturer in Auckland with a proud yachting history and extensive experience across a broad range of applications.

C-Tech's products include the world-leading C-Tech SailBattens, masts, booms, prods, spinnaker polessail-track and C-Tech Carbon tube. Our carbon fibre spars and components are standard or custom built.

With recent expansion our capabilities now include female moulded composite components.  Why choose C-Tech?

C-Tech is a supplier of F50 parts for the SailGP

SailGP F50-516

C-Tech is proud to be a supplier of F50 parts for the SailGP kicking off next February. Watch this space! Read more

Some of our products

cte9736a 72DPI ctsailbatten-244Explore our range of world leading sailbattens.   SL33 Foil  1-579-96-664Utilise C-Tech's capabilities with your custom female moulded project.
U20 mast-399Enquire about your custom carbon mast. C-Tech Tube-393Buy C-T carbon tube at carbon-tube.com
To see examples of tube view our custom tube photos
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