QFX Lake Racer

QFX Lake Racer

Design, Mast and Boom

The 35ft QFX lake racer is a project that pushed design and safety factors to the absolute limit where the quest for weight savings was extreme. C-Tech worked closely with Hugh Welbourne, Thomas Jundt, Chris Mitchell and Doyle Sails on this project.



Design - weight vs safety

A no-compromise brief from our customer (and engineer) Thomas Jundt who wanted to work to a safety factor of less than 1 as proof that everything is over-engineered in todays world - on a foiling boat!


Close work with designers, engineers and sail makers to understand and study all loads on the boat and optimise the sections. C-Tech used FEA modelling on components and historical rig data to work within known limits. There were a number of design iterations between Doyle Sails, Chris Mitchell at Applied Engineering Services and Thomas to get the balance right.


Production - complete custom solution

Because the design optimisation process was not constrained by a mould or mandrel geometry (as most projects are) it meant the final design was a new custom shape. The varying section along its length was critical to the get the best aerodynamic and inertia properties. C-Tech uses a male mandrel wrapped autoclave process for the sections so autoclave capable tooling was required.


C-Tech precision-built the custom shaped mould completely in-house. It utilised the 5-axis CNC machine, plotter, autoclave and design experience. Full control of the process ensured quality and integration of all parts.

“The boat is going well in any conditions, which is great: We are super-fast with no wind, it is a true lake racer! But we also handled steady 25 knots going upwind with good speed. To beat the football team it needs above 12 knots of wind and foils, lets see next year.”

– Thomas Jundt, Owner

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