OK Dinghy

Carbon Fibre


C-Tech masts are designed to specific sailor weight and sailor styles, to optimise racing, giving everyone the opportunity to be at the front of the fleet, and lead to overall closer racing. C-Tech's OK masts are custom made to suit the sailor's weight. Masts are made on a male mandrel using high-quality standard modulus carbon, or a combination of standard/high modulus carbon. The masts are clear-coated with UV resistant two-pot paint.


OK Dinghy Masts

C-Tech OK Dinghy masts are supplied with the following components: Plastic sail track with carbon entry, carbon gooseneck, acetal deck ring, plastic/stainless mast base, clear-coat UV finish. C-Tech endeavors to meet bend test numbers provided by purchasers to within +/- 5% for luff-round measurements, +/- 10% for tip deflection. Optional: Stainless steel (additional cost) or acetal mast base (included in mast price) Optional: Offset deck ring or concentric deck ring


C-Tech Results Board:

OK Dinghy Worlds20196 out of top 10 C-Tech masts
OK Dinghy Worlds20171st - Nick Craig C-Tech mast
OK Dinghy Worlds20151st - Matt Stechmann C-Tech mast
OK Dinghy Worlds2015Top 10 sailors C-Tech masts
OK Dinghy Interdoms & Aus Champs20141st - Greg Wilcox C-Tech mast
OK Dinghy Worlds20131st - Roger Blasse C-Tech mast
OK Dinghy Worlds20139 out of top 10 C-Tech masts