Contender Masts

C-Tech has undertaken two new HM mast developments in the past five years. Both using our 41.3mm mandrel and spreader rigs. Mast #1 (Beebe Special) - We designed this mast for a customer, Jason Beebe which we now call the 'Beebe special'. This was designed with a standard Dacron 'wave length' sail. Mast #2 (V02M) - A more recent development of Mast #1 for a customer, Geoff Fisher. This was designed to better fit a laminate sail. This version is slightly stiffer f/aft.


Contender Booms


C-Tech Results Board:

Contender Worlds20162nd - Jason BeebeC-Tech mast
Aus National Champs20121st - Geoff FisherC-Tech mast
Aus National Champs20111st - Geoff FisherC-Tech mast
Swiss National Champs20101st - Gernot GotzC-Tech mast