"I used the new mast for the first time today with a Wavelength sail, the same sail I have been using. I just can’t get over how different the boat feels. I can’t tell you what the mast was doing that was different but it just felt good. Very happy. I’ll say it again the C Tech masts are just so superior over anything else."

- Paul Cohen


Contender Masts

C-Tech has undertaken two new HM mast developments in the past five years. Both using our 41.3mm mandrel and spreader rigs. Mast #1 (Beebe Special) - We designed this mast for a customer, Jason Beebe which we now call the 'Beebe special'. This was designed with a standard Dacron 'wave length' sail. Mast #2 (V02M) - A more recent development of Mast #1 for a customer, Geoff Fisher. This was designed to better fit a laminate sail. This version is slightly stiffer f/aft.


Contender Booms

We supply Contender booms in either round or oval sections using your choice of HM (high modulus) or UHM (ultra high modulus) carbon fibre. C-Tech booms are custom-built to suit almost any yacht or class.

"I'm really impressed with the mast and sail combination. I do feel this mast suits the sail even better than the old mast. The bend is incredibly even for/aft and stiffer sideways but still an even bend. Just massive steps forward.  The pressure in the main sheet is impressive. The sail shape is bloody wonderful. Very even break all along the luff, top of sail opens up perfectly in a puff while the bottom half remains with excellent closure / return in the leech. She just wants to accelerate forward."

- Geoff Fisher

C-Tech Results Board:

Contender Aus Nationals20201stGeoff FisherC-Tech Mast
Contender Worlds20182ndJason BeebeC-Tech Mast
Contender Aus Nationals20181stJason BeebeC-Tech Mast
Contender Worlds20171stJason BeebeC-Tech Mast
Contender Worlds20162ndJason BeebeC-Tech Mast
Contender Aus Nationals20151stGeoff FisherC-Tech Mast
Contender Aus Nationals20121stGeoff FisherC-Tech Mast
Contender Aus Nationals20111stGeoff FisherC-Tech Mast