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C-Tech standard & custom prods

C-Tech manufacture a wide range of custom carbon fibre gennaker prods, poles, bowsprits and prod sections for different classes.  See each class section for their individual products. C-Tech can match a receiving tube or socket to the prod and tubes can be supplied sleeved for easy freighting. Contact us for a quote for your requirements.

Carbon fibre prods are typically 50% lighter and over 20% stiffer than an equivelant aluminium section. C-Tech's mandrel wrapped manufacturing process enables us to add localised reingorcement and customise a parallel or tapered laminate to suit the exact requirements.


carbon fibre prod, bowsprit end fittings
extendable telescopic carbon fibre prod bowsprit
Carbon fibre telescopic extendable bowsprit prod
Single tack line ferrule carbon fibre prod end fitting
18ft skiff carbon fibre prod
carbon fibre sports boat prod bowsprit
ETNZ AC50 carbon fibre spine tube high modulus prod bowsprit
C-Tech Carbon fibre prod sailing bowsprit gennaker
Q30 gennaker prod lake garda carbon fiber skiff

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