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Carbon Plate 3a-482

Carbon Fibre Plate

Autoclaved, Prepreg, Aerospace Grade
C-Tech uses TRH50 standard modulus prepreg for its carbon fibre QI plates. The quasi-isotropic laminate is formed by balancing the orientations of the plies such that the extensional stiffness of the laminate is constant in all in-plane directions.

Plates can be supplied at any size up to a maximum of 5,000mm x 1,000mm. We stock a range of thicknesses including: 3.0mm, 3.9mm, 4.4mm, 5.1mm, 6.8mm, 8.0mm, 11.0mm and other custome sizes

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Carbon Fibre Plate

Carbon Fibre Plate

When performance matters
As used by Sir Ben Ainslie on the AC45, the C-Tech adjustable tiller extension is a premium product.

A custom-developed, robust locking cam ensures your tiller extension will stay at its pre-set length at all times. 

The composite construction means no plastic memory so you will always have a smooth telescoping function.

Custom lengths are available

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Full Carbon J-Foils

New Technology

C-Tech has recently completed a set of J-foils for an SL33 using a new construction method. Utilising previous experience gained from Americas Cup foil projects we developed a full composite elbow join.
Previous J foils had been manufactured with a metal elbow to join the main shaft to the lifting surface. This was to overcome high loading in this area. Metal elbows alone can be up to 40kg if there is a large radius in the design.
C-Tech developed a method that would make a full composite foil possible. An elbow was tested to verify the construction method and the results exceeded all expectations. It was in fact the testing jig that failed at a load double of what the designers were expecting.

The finished J -foils weigh 34.5 kg and are stronger, lighter and stiffer than superseded set.  The key to the success of this project has been in developing a cost-effective manufacturing method that enables the right mix of off-axis fibre in the elbow that has been consolidated by autoclave pressure.
SL33 Foil  -112-426SL33 Foil  1-579-96
The finished full carbon SL33 foils at 34.5kg being lighter, stronger and stiffer than previous versions. 


Carbon Sail RingsCarbon Sail Rings

When titanium is not an option
Originally developed for the TP52 class spinnaker clew rings where Titanium is banned. These rings a constructed from a single tow of carbon fibre with a 3,200kg breaking load.
Carbon rings will not rust.

ID:  38mm
Working Load:  1,800kg
Breaking Load:  3,200kg
Weight:   23grams

Carbon Sail ring under load
Carbon sail ring under a 3,200 kg load.


90 Carbon Elbow-693

Carbon Tube Elbow Joiners

Ready-to-join tube connectors
C-Tech have a range of carbon fibre elbow joiners for 45° and 90° degree tube connections. Whether it be for ballast system plumbing or rails for bunks we can supply the joiners you require.

Both constant ID and OD systems are available.
90° elbow 45mm OD
90° elbow 50mm ID
45° elbow 50mm ID

C-Tech can also supply the connecting tube to all custom dimensions.


C-Tech Bottle Opener Shackle Key Ring

Key Ring

For the important things
A showcase of C-Tech craftsmanship. This popular key ring functions as a bottle opener and a shackle key. An essential for all sailors.

Listed by popular demand.
Ask us about making your custom branded Key Rings.


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