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Mast Fitouts


Carbon spreaders can be fixed on band.  They're an oval shape, up to 600mm long, weight approx' 250g. Ready to fit to mast, price per set

Mast-head fittings

Sheave boxes - topping lift, spin halyard (fitted)
Carbon forestay fitting - includes jib halyard sheave (attached)
Main halyard sheave and lock - fitted



Attachment (fitted) - includes stainless steel knuckle


Mast Base

Mast base - with slot
Mast step - with slot


Plastic, glass & carbon sail-tracks

Plastic sail-track is available purpose-built for sails and awnings.  The track has maximum UV properties and is made from the highest-quality PVC with a high temperature resistance.

White plastic sail-track suitable for small yachts (up to 16ft) and for use with awnings can be purchased in 3m lengths. 

Black plastic sail-track is now available for yachts from 14ft to 30ft, and can be purchased in 5.9m lengths.

The track has a vee'd back which makes it adaptable to flat or radius surfaces. It can be curved to almost any radius.  This makes it ideal for use as awning track.

Track can be easily bonded on to surfaces using Sika Flex 252 (which is also available in white).  Sika Flex can easily be slit to remove a damaged portion of track, making it easy to do repairs if necessary. 

GlassGlass & Carbon Sail Track

Glass sail-track is available with 12mm ID x 1.5mm wall thickness in standard finish.  This is available in 2.9m lengths. 


Carbon sail-track is available with 8mm ID x 1mm wall thickness in standard finish.  This is available in 2.5m lengths.

Please contact us for further information.   

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