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CNC Services

5 Axis CNC Router

Our Routech R200 5 Axis CNC router has an XYZ bed size of 5,500mm x 1,500mm x 1,000mm. It is used to machine foam cores, moulds, jigs, prototypes, 2D and 3D sheets and complete post production processing in house. 
The materials we primarily work with are composites, plastics, timber and tooling board, however we are not limited to just these.
C-Tech also offers a total post-production service by utilising our partner company Absolute CNC for the manufacture of CNC machined components, including aluminum moulds for proto-type or production runs.

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C-Tech R200 Router-176

IMG 52882-836           Router in Action-856-108-75         
Custom wood rudder moulds - 40ft yacht                          CNC machining foam core sets

Router BW-14-522           Router Head-217-951-749
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