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  Manufactured by C-Tech® www.sailbattens.com

Team Origin sail with C-T Sailbattens

C-Tech manufacture the C-T Sailbattens range of carbon fibre sail battens. These are based around a hollow rectangular batten shape with a continuous taper.

Strong, light-weight and durable, C-T Sailbattens are recognised as the best product on the market by world class sailors.  They are available for a wide range of superyachts, round the world racing yachts, multi-hulls and America's Cup yachts.

Team Origin sail at the Audi Med Cup 2010 with C-T Sail battens and hardware. 

Products in the C-T Sailbattens range include:

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2012 C-Tech introduce C-T PlateBattens

C-T PlateBattens

A new range of composite battens from C-Tech have been launched in August 2012, designed to complement and extend our existing CT Sailbatten range.

Whereas the hollow tapered CT Sailbattens are suitable for yachts from 45ft up to large Superyachts, C-T PlateBattens have been designed to allow yachts from 12ft up to 90ft to take advantage of C-Tech's batten technology.  Carbon plate battens

2009 C-Tech launched an innovative new product - C-T SnuffAir

snuffair hoist

Manufactured by C-Tech and new tot he market in 2009 the C-T Snuffair is a revolutionary inflatable spinnaker retrieval system that replaces the solid hoop or bucket traditionally used with spinnaker socks.

Available for yachts 60ft and above a complete unit is available or the SnuffAir can be retro-fitted to an existing sock.  

2010 Groupama 3 knocks 2 days off the round the world record with CT Sailbattens 

The French trimaran Groupama 3 has knocked 2 days and 8 hours off the round the world record held by Orange 2 and Bruno Peyron in 2005.  The Jules Verne trophy now belongs to Franck Cammas and his crew, with the new record of 48 days, 7 hours and 44 minutes.  Groupama 3 used CT40 sailbattens specifically designed for very large multihulls. 

2010 Banque Populaire V - A mainsail of just 1kg per m2.. including battens 

To keep the rig weight as low as possible, the maxi trimaran Banque Populaire V uses hollow monolithic carbon battens manufactured by C-Tech.  Kevin Escoffier with the BP V project from the start claims that these battens are "absolutely as good as you can get right now".  Not so long ago these long battens would regularly fail during manoeuvres, but BP V has not suffered a single failure since her launch. 

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