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The Triple 8 pit boom project

We were approached by a fellow 12 footer sailor who is associated with Triple eight race engineering to come up with some ideas to upgrade their teams existing service delivery system.

What we found was a very well-functioning gantry system made from stainless steel and aluminium.  After throwing around a few ideas we came to an agreement on the concept and got down to work with John McGregor who is one of the teams Data Engineer’s and very skilled drafts man to formulate the final design.

The two main sections used for the job came from our 18 foot skiff boom section as the main post then one of our sports boat mast sections as the horizontal beam.  The beam is supported via a carbon tie-rod hung from the back end of the boom then down the main post.

The main post is supported by six large nitrogen bottles used for tyre inflation and is also bolted to the wall of the pit area at each venue.  The entire pit boom arrangement has been sprayed with a clear polyurethane over top of the twill weave carbon.

The end result was a very happy client with some great looking equipment to compliment a very professional team.

Chris Reid
Operations Manager 
C-Tech Ltd

Pit boom for Triple 8 Racing

Carbon fibre Pit boom
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