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Custom C-T Tubeware

Pit boom for Triple 8 Racing

Carbon fibre pit boom for Triple 8 Racing & Red Bull Australia

C-Tech are suppliers to Triple 8 Racing, partnered with Red Bull Racing Australia for their carbon fibre pit booms.  Triple 8 Race Engineering is an Australian motor racing team who are one of the leading teams competing in the V8 Supercar Championship series.  
To read about this project at C-Tech click here    

EJETS fan tubes
EJETS "JETFAN-90" use C-Tech carbon fibre tubes to reach the highest performance in strength and weight.  These EDF units are used in radio controlled jet model air planes.  www.ejets.at

"Thank you so much for the delivered quality and delivery time.  It's perfect, and we are very satisfied with you and your company" 
Rainer Holzmann, Austria, July 2011

See their latest product the Jetfan 90 on YouTube

Stephen Florence NZ target ChampStephen Florence, current NZ target Champ, 3 time NZ field Champ, is currently ranked 1st in NZ in Open Recurve.  He was in the NZ World Championship team in 2009 and 2011. 

Stephen uses C-Tech carbon fibre tube on his Recurve bow.  

The Wand Tonearm 2 'Design Build Listen' in New Zealand, manufacturers of HiFi components and DIY kits, use carbon fibre tube on their tonearm The Wand for playing vinyl records.

The tonearm was awarded bronze at the 2011 NZ Best Design Awards visit them at www.designbuildlisten.com

Photography credit: Bill Nichol

Bunny Buster Firearms Ltd'Bunny Buster Firearms Ltd' in New Zealand manufacture their firearms using our carbon fibre tube. 

visit www.carbon-tube.com for more information on C-Tech's carbon fibre tube

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