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C-T Carbon tube

Manufactured by C-Tech® (www.carbon-tube.com)

Parallel and tapered tube

C-Tech produce a range of parallel or tapered carbon fibre tube with the following profiles:

C-Tech round carbon fibre tube

- Round
- Square
- Rectangular
- Oval
- Aerofoil



Manufacturing process

A mandrel wrapped system is used for our carbon tube production, with laminates laid up on male mandrels.  The mandrel is then shrink wrapped before the laminate is heat cured.  This produces a glossy black spiral wound finish.  Other finishes can also be provided.  Bigger sizes are available in custom moulded tube.

Carbon/S-Glass tube

Square carbon fibre tubeC-Tech can provide mandrel-wrapped carbon or carbon/S-Glass tube in sizes from 5mm ID to 200mm ID.  Standard carbon tube products are made from T700 standard modulus pre preg.  On request we manufacture tube in high modulus carbon fibre.



Custom laminates

Although C-Tech specialise in mandrel wrapped tube custom orders may be placed for female moulded tube.  CNC mould manufacturing services are available on request.  Laminates can be varied to increase hoop strength or longitudinal strength.  Custom reinforcement for attachments can be built into the laminate, and tapered laminates are also available. 

Delivery world-wide

C-Tech tube can be delivered world-wide using the following methods:

- Courier (DHL/Fedex under 3m)
- Air freight
- Sea freight

"The tube arrived in Cagliari, they are in excellent condition and at the right length.  Thank you, really good work, I will remember your company for future purchases" Efisio Pani, Italy July 2012 

"The tube arrived and looks great, thanks a lot for your very kind service and helpful communication.  I wholeheartedly recommend to buy from you" Ulrich Von Varnbuler, Denmark July 2012 

Composites International fuel cells C-Tech supplied carbon tube to Composites International in NZ who made these fuel cells for one of their customers.  They are carbon fibre fuel tanks used in aviation.

visit www.carbon-tube.com for more information or contact us to order individual tubes.


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