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i550 in the water


Ron Bowman's i550 sails with a C-Tech mast and boom
Photo courtesy: Ron Bowman

C-Tech i550 products

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"I'm very pleased with the level of care and skill you put into my rig" Tim Ford

"I'm very happy with my new C-Tech mast and boom.  They are gorgeous - a work of art.  Thank you for great work, a great price and for working with us to ship them from New Zealand to the United States" Ron Bowman 


Carbon Mast

70mm ID x 2.6mm wall

Mast Fittings

set of carbon spreaders, bottom - on band
set of carbon spreaders, top - on band
carbon mast-head plate with sheave
mast-step stainless steel
goose-neck attachment (fitted or unfitted) - includes stainless steel knuckle
tee-ball backing plates - 
3mm (fitted)
tee-ball backing plates - forestay - 4mm (fitted)
jib halyard box - 
halyard slots - 
Drilling slots for main/jib/spinnaker

Carbon Boom

section 110mm x 75mm

Boom Fittings

carbon boom goose-neck attachment tube (glued in)


Carbon Prod

carbon prod - 2m
carbon prod sleeve (inner)
carbon prod sleeve (outer)



40mm x 1.8 x 1300mm


Tiller Extension

25mm x 1.5 x 1500mm

Vang Strop

spectra webbing


What is an i550?

The i550 is a high performance sport boat suitable for the amateur builder. Designed by Christopher Beckwith it's a one off sport boat for fleet racing. Originally created for the MicroTon class the i550 has since been upgraded and redrawn.

The amateur builder with no building experience can construct an i550 in approx' 200 man hours. The simple ‘stitch and glue’ construction method produces a light, solid hull with room below for simple accommodation. Full building plans, packs, patterns, even pre-cut plywood kits are available to assist with building an i550, see the i550 Sport boat website below for more details.

Please see our links page for relevant i550 links or visit the following websites:
i550 Sport boat - website

C-Tech also manufacture products for the Elliot 7, Shaw, Thompson 590,  650, 750 & 850 Sport boats. 

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