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B&R 23

Torkel Stillefors sails in Sweden on his B&R 23 with a C-Tech mast, boom, prod, mast-step and spreaders

C-Tech B&R 23 products

B&R 23 carbon  mastC-Tech manufactured a carbon fibre mast, boom, prod, spreaders and mast-step for a B&R 23 delivered to Torkel Boats in Sweden.

Torkel Boats specialise in plastic boat repairs, as well as manufacturing parts for the B&R 23 they also have the rights and moulds.  Visit www.torkelbatar.com

Congratulations to Torkel Stillefors who won the Sportboat division at Lidingo Runt 2011 

C-Tech's B&R 23 carbon mast, spreaders and struts 
Photo courtesy of Torkel Stillefors

Torkel Stillefors blog: "Thumbs up for the new B&R 23" 

What is a B&R 23?

B&R 23 sailing with a C-Tech mast  The B&R 23 is an easy to sail trailer sailor with two trapeze.  It has been designed to be a fast, safe, high-performance sailboat.  

If you have an enquiry for a sport boat carbon product please contact us as we custom built for most classes.  



Torkel Boats' B&R 23 sailing with a C-Tech carbon mast and boom
Photo courtesy of Gunnar Brahme

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