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Sport boats

Shaw Karma Police30ft Shaw "Karma Police" sailing with a C-Tech prod & boom

Photo Courtesy: Rob Shaw

C-Tech Sport boats     

C-Tech manufacture products for a range of sport boats.  We also custom build masts, booms, prods and poles, contact us for more information. 

B&R 23
Elliot 7
Thompson 590, 650, 750, 850

"renowned supplier C-Tech and skiff sailor, expert, guru Alex Vallings is considered one of the World's experts in sport boat and skiff rigs" 

Shaw 650 website 2009 

For more details visit the Shaw 650 website 

Customer Sport boat blogs

Torkel Stillefors: "Thumbs up for the new B&R 23"
Tim Ford:          "i550 Hull #87: The Build"
Tom Klestadt:    "Building Clownfish an i550 Sportboat"
Ron Bowman:    "i550 boat construction in the icebox"
Kevin McDaniel:  "Pipedream - i550 in Chicago"

Sport boat masts

  • Round section - suitable for boats such as the Thompson 590
  • Oval section - suitable for larger size masts

Sport boat prods

  • Available in standard modulus or high modulus carbon fibre
  • Built on a male mandrel (parallel section with tapered laminate)
  • Shrink-wrapped and heat cured
  • Black carbon finish
  • Can be built to any size specifications - please enquire 

Sport boat construction techniques

  • Available in standard, intermediate or high modulus carbon fibre 
  • Reinforcements for fittings can be built into laminate
  • Shrink-wrapped and heat cured 
  • Black carbon finish or painted 
  • Can be built to any size specifications - please enquire

Please see our links page for relevant Sport boat links or visit the following websites:
NZ Shaw Yacht Design - Rob Shaw
International Shaw 650

i550 Sport Boat
i550 Class
Thompson Performance Design

Sports Boat Rig with Furling Boom

Sports Boat Rig with Furling Boom

Sports Boat Rig with Furling Boom

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