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International 14

14ft Skiff

International 14 racing in Australia

C-Tech International 14ft Carbon Masts 

​C-Tech masts for the I14 are manufactured using light weight, reactive carbon.  Laminates can be adjusted for individual crew weights.

C-Tech International 14ft Booms & Spreaders

​Carbon booms can be constructed on mandrels of any size and shape.  C-Tech manufacture light-weight carbon spreaders suitable for supporting a range of masts and prods.  Spreaders can be supplied individually, or in pairs attached to carbon bands. 

HM Masts

High Modulus Mast Complete - 58mm ID x 7850mm, includes fixed spreaders.  Unrigged but provided with tip, spreaders, track, tee-plates, mast-step and main halyard trip. Inside diameter (ID) measurement given for base of mast.

High Modulus Mast Section - bare section 66.5 x 52mm ID @ 7850mm long with track


Mast Fittings

Mast sleeves
Mast-step with tang
Mast-base with slot
Mast sail-track - p
lastic track in 3m lengths
Custom-built flexible mast-tips
58mm ID, tapers to 20mm ID, soft or stiff, carbon/glass construction


Carbon Spreaders

Set Of Carbon Spreaders  - on band (fixed), up to 600mm long, weight approximately 250g. Ready to fit to mast, price per set

Tapered Carbon Individual Spreaders - i
ndividual spreaders, up to 600mm long, weight approximately 100g


Carbon Boom

Boom Sections - 110mm x 75mm parallel (oval or round - 80/90/100mm ID) in carbon construction, weight approximately 1kg per metre. Available in lengths up to 5000mm. Made with tapered laminate over parallel mandrel, reinforced @ the vang - price per metre


Boom Fittings

Spectra webbing vang strop

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