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18ft Skiffs

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C-Tech Masts

Masts are supplied in 2 pieces, with the tip pre-fitted and ready to join on arrival.

Carbon fibre spreaders can be supplied on bands, ready to be attached on arrival. Laminates are adjusted for individual crew weights. C-Tech's 18ft Skiff components are manufactured from pre-preg carbon fibre.

C-Tech 18ft Skiff Products

If you have an enquiry about a 18ft Skiff product not listed below please contact us, as C-Tech can custom-build to suit your requirements.
#1 High Modulus Mast

Mast Complete - spreaders, carbon goose-neck, glass sail-track and tee-plates (excluding wire)

Mast Section - tube only, includes reinforcement, 63mm ID @ 10380mm long

#2 High Modulus Mast

Mast Complete - with spreaders, carbon goose-neck, glass sail-track and tee- plates, (excluding wire)

Mast Sectiontube only, unpainted, 63mm ID @ 9350mm long

Mast Fittings

Mast Glass Sail-Track - fitted or loose, price per metre

Mast Goose-neck Attachment - fitted or unfitted, stainless steel knuckle

Mast Dyform Wire
3mm, price per metre

Mast D1 - carbon fibre fitting


Carbon Spreaders

Sets - spreaders on bands - price per set

Loose - spreaders unfitted


Carbon Boom

Carbon Boom - High modulus, oval, 160mm x 100mm ID @ 3.8m


Boom Fittings

Boom Goose-neck Attachment Tube - (boom) glued in

Vang Ring - (attachment point option) stainless steel ring carboned to boom

Vang Snap Shackle - (attachment point option) with stainless steel snap shackle

Vang Strop - (attachment option) spectra webbing vang strop


Carbon Fibre Prod

Section - SM fibre, bare tube, 50mm ID, tapered laminate @ 3.6m long

Complete Prod - prod section plus spreader and stopper ring attached

Carbon Fibre Tiller

Tiller - 55mm OD (at butt) @ 1.25m long, tapered

Tiller Extension19mm ID @ 3.6m long, round

Centerboard and Rudder

Both made from carbon, foam and have carbon shear webs

Wing Tube Kit

Tube kit consists of: 2 outer bars, 2 inner bars, 4 struts and 4.8m sissy bar


Clearcoat UV Resistant - finishing option, price per metre


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