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What is a 12ft Skiff?

The Skiff is a distinctly Australian/New Zealand concept of sailing with huge amounts of sail area on a short lightweight dinghy hull and hanging on for a breath taking ride.

The 12 foot Skiff is one of the world's most exciting boats - both from a sailor and spectator point of view, regularly reaching speeds of 25kts.  As a development class the skiffs are at the forefront of sailing innovation and technology.  In various guises the class has been racing competitively in New Zealand and Australia since the late 1800's. 
The 12's are a development class with simple rules governing only the length, beam, and weight of the boat. 

Rigs, hull shape, foils, construction methods and materials are limited only by currently available technology and ideas.  

Where are 12's sailed?

12's race in New Zealand out of Auckland and Wellington.  In Australia they are sailed out of 5 NSW clubs and 2 QLD clubs. 

What is at stake?

Each year the 12 foot Skiff Interdominion Contest is the premier event.  Boats from New Zealand and Australia meet to compete for the Silasec trophy (overall Interdominion winner).  The Interdominion contest is sailed alternate years in New Zealand and Australia.  The top 12 boats from each country race as a team competing for the Don Brooke Teams Trophy.


NZ 12ft Skiff
Australian 12ft Skiff
UK 12ft Skiff
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