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12ft Skiffs

Interdoms 2013

C-Tech's Alex Vallings 12ft Skiff racing with a C-Tech rig, spars, hull & foils. 

C-Tech 12ft Skiff products

If you have an enquiry about a 12ft Skiff product not listed below please contact us, as C-Tech can custom-build to suit your requirements.


HM Masts

HM Mast Complete #1 - 60mm ID x 8000mm long
Plastic track bonded, halyard slots top and bottom, 5mm carbon plate to accept mainsail shackle and spin halyard sheave shackle, reinforcement for hounds and mast-step, heel plate with rectangular key way, 2 sets of carbon spreaders either on bands or glued and bonded in place (excludes standing rigging)

HM Mast Complete #2 - 50mm or 58mm ID x 7000mm long


Mast Fittings

HM Mast Kit Set (all loose parts)
- Separate base and tip section. (localised reinforcement included)
- White plastic track
- Mast-head plate, 5mm carbon 80mm x 30mm
- Mast-base with rectangular key way
- 2 x sets of spreaders

Mast Stump System - Changes rig height 800mm.  Factory fitted extension to change height of mast.  Primary section has internal dry join sleeve with an angled cut join to prevent rotation of mast. 

Mast-step - with tang

Mast Base - with slot

Mast Tips (custom-built flexible) soft - 58mm, tapers to 20mm, stiff 51mm, tapers to 20mm


Tapered Carbon Spreaders 

Carbon Spreaders Set - on band (fixed), oval shape, up to 600mm long, weight approx. 250g. Ready to fit to mast, price per set.

Individual Oval Spreaders - up to 600mm long, weight approx 100g,  C-Tech's light-weight carbon spreaders are widely used in the 12 foot Skiffs to provide support for the longer prods

Carbon Booms

Oval Section; 110mm x 75mm, parallel, price per metre, weight: approx 1kg (per metre) 
Available in lengths up to 5m

Carbon booms can be constructed on mandrels of any size and shape

Boom Fittings

Gooseneck Tube - 10mm ID bonded in place

Vang - 1/4 shackle bonded in place

Vang Strop - spectra webbing


Carbon Prods

High-quality construction using T300 pre-preg carbon fibre. Other sizes are available on request, custom orders can be taken for any type of prod

No. 1 Complete Prod - Up to 3600mm, 5 spreaders, wire and blocks

No. 2 Complete ProdUp to 3000mm, 3 spreaders, wire and blocks

No. 3 Complete Prod - Up to 2500mm, 3 spreaders, wire and blocks

Prod (tube only)41.2mm ID, up to 4500mm in length, price per metre



Centreboards - 305mm x 32mm x 1600mm, full carbon, molded hollow construction, weight approximately 3 kg (custom available)


Rudders - 255mm x 32mm x 1500mm, full carbon, molded construction with solid foam core, weight approximately 2kg (custom available)


12ft Skiff masts - booms12ft Skiff component parts

12ft Skiff prods - poles

12ft Skiff foils

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