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OK Dinghy

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Multiple OK Dinghy Worlds won with a C-Tech mast.

OK Dinghy News & Results

C-Tech OK Dinghy Masts

C-Tech masts are designed to specific sailor weight and sailor styles, to optimise racing, giving everyone the opportunity to be at the front of the fleet, and lead to overall closer racing.

Custom-made to suit weight

C-Tech's OK masts are custom made to suit the sailor's weight.  Masts are made on a male mandrel using high-quality standard modulus carbon, or a combination of standard/high modulus carbon.  The masts are clear-coated with UV resistant two-pot paint.

Three OK Dinghy mast options are available

High modulus Mk II mast, 48mm ID at base (mainly high modulus fibre, stiffer, lighter, requires stainless mast-base or additional weight correction)

  • High modulus Mk I mast, 55mm ID at base (combination standard/high modulus fibre stiffer, lighter, requires stainless mast-base or additional weight correction)

  • Standard modulus mast

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Mast Features PDF

C-Tech OK Dinghy masts are supplied with the following components: Plastic sail track with carbon entry, carbon gooseneck, acetal deck ring, plastic/stainless mast base, clear-coat UV finish.

Click on our mast features pdf on the left for more details.

Optional: Stainless steel (additional cost) or acetal mast base (included in mast price)
Optional: Offset deck ring or concentric deck ring

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Mast Bend Characteristics

C-Tech endeavours to meet bend test numbers provided by purchasers to within +/- 5% for luff-round measurements, +/- 10% for tip deflection.

Click the image on the left for our bend test numbers.

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Mast (Mk II) NZ Customers

High modulus, 48mm ID base (ex factory, NZ)

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Mast (Mk II) Overseas Customers

High modulus, 48mm ID base (ex factory, NZ)
Overseas customers are required to pay a $100 NZ mould fee, this is paid to the OK Dingy Association by C-Tech on behalf of the customer.


Information to include when ordering:

Weight - in kg when sailing
Bend characteristics - if required, include the fore & aft/sideways: tip deflection, camber 1/4, camber 1/2, camber 3/4


Group ordering of masts:

By ordering in a group order, you can share the freight, packaging and import fees. The costs can vary depending on how many are involved, current shipping costs and where the masts are going to. A few things to note:-

  • There is a minimum cost/size for the package, and that size, will fit 5-6 masts in it. • Generally, the per mast shipping cost (freight and packaging) is cheapest for about 7-8 masts. After this the costs stays roughly the same per mast.
  • Each group order requires a group leader to coordinate the order.
  • Each person can pay separately, or the group leader can collect the money.
  • C-Tech can organise the freight, or the group leader can do it. If you don’t have experience in importing, it might be best left to us.
  • Each person can talk directly to C-Tech to discuss bend numbers If anyone wants more information, or would like to be a group leader, please contact C-Tech at jeremy.gibbs@c-tech.co.nz
  • To help coordinate this process we have set up a group on Facebook. Please join this group to express your interest.
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