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What is an R-Class?

What is an R-Class?

The R-Class is a development class with minimal restrictions in sail area and hull-length.  A light weight, skiff style dinghy, the R-Class offers extreme performance.

The R-Class has been developed over 50 years and the Leander Trophy (National Contest) has been won by some well-known names.  C-Tech's Director's Alex Vallings and Lyn Holland won the Leander Trophy in Auckland, 2005, and Alex has previously won the trophy in 1999 and 2001.   

Essentially the rig plan for the R-Class is the same as the 3rd rig from a 12 foot Skiff.  Only 1 rig (mast and mainsail) can be used during the Leander Contest, so rig-selection plays an important part in the strategy of the 4-day contest.



NZ R-Class

C-Tech also manufacture products for the NZ Class Farr 3.7 and NZ Javelin

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