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R-Class sailing with a C-Tech mast

Paul Roe & Jess Hix sailing their Foiling R-Class "The Virtual" with a C-Tech mast, wing tube, mast-base, struts & tiller
hoto courtesy: David Pairman

C-Tech R-Class products

Custom orders can be taken for any size/diameter of R-Class mast. 

View "The Virtual Flies" video


Mast with spreaders (attached)
50mm ID x 6.40m & mast-base

Unrigged, but provided with tip, spreaders, track, wire connection and mast-step. Inside diameter (ID) measurement given for base of mast.
Custom orders can be taken for any size/diameter of masts.

Carbon Boom

110mm x 75mm oval section; parallel, price per metre.
Oval section in carbon construction. Weight approx. 1kg per metre. Available in lengths up to 5.0m
Carbon booms can be constructed on mandrels of any size and shape.


R-Class centerboards

Full carbon, molded hollow construction (centerboard)
Full carbon, molded construction with solid foam core (rudder)
Custom orders can be taken for any type of foil.

What is an R-Class?

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