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What is a Javelin?

The Javelin is a high performance, single trapeze, two handed skiff raced competitively throughout New Zealand and Australia.  Boats are also now being built in the United States and Canada.  It has a lightweight (70kg) hull and, for its size, a powerful, efficient sail plan.

The Javelin is a restricted, development class - one which has a loose set of rules allowing the freedom to experiment when building or modifying a boat. The class has evolved steadily since its introduction in 1961. To maintain a class "look and feel" all Javelins must have a hard-chine hull shape, straight bow stem, side-decks and a convex fore-deck.  Construction materials are unlimited and recent years have seen the introduction of composite materials - foam, glass, kevlar and carbon.

C-Tech's carbon masts, prods and booms can be found on some of the top performing Javelins in the New Zealand and Australian fleet.


NZ & Australian Javelins

C-Tech also manufacture products for the NZ R-Class & Farr 3.7

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