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What is a Farr 3.7?

The Farr 3.7 Sailing dinghy is a one-man sailing skiff with trapeze, 3.7m long, hull weight 50kg.  The Farr 3.7 was designed by Bruce Farr aged 16 in 1970 as a single handed trapeze version of his successful 12 and 18-footers.  It quickly became an established one design class and has become a popular alternative to lasers, especially with the recent trend back towards high-performance trapeze boats.  Since the introduction of carbon fibre spars the performance and ease of sailing has further enhanced class growth.

Who sails a Farr 3.7?

Anyone ready to leave the Starling class or older, looking for both a challenge and fun.  Weight range 55kg-85kg.  With the trapeze you develop skill and agility, without needing gorilla-like strength.  You can even relax going upwind!


2010 Farr 3.7 Nationals

The 2010 Farr 3.7 National Championships took place on the 2nd - 5th April in Evans bay, Wellington read more



NZ Farr 3.7

C-Tech also manufacture products for the NZ R-Class and NZ Javelin.  

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