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Wharram Tiki

James Wharram designs

In the mid 1950's James Wharram built the first off-shore catamaran in Britain and sailed across the Atlantic to the West Indies.  He used his research into the ancient Polynesian designs as the basis for his design.

Today Wharram catamarans offer the multihull enthusiast the chance to self build a cat or have one professionally built.  These are based on the traditional Polynesian style, double hull designs, yet built to modern standards of quality, durability and sailing performance.

The quality of Wharram catamaran's are reflected in their popularity.  50 years later with 10,000 sets of plans sold world-wide, Wharram catamaran's maintain a reputation for surviving wind and wave. 

For information on a self build Wharram catamaran see The Wharram design book

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