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What is a Farrier?

Ian Farrier pioneered the modern trailerable trimaran with the unique patented Farrier Folding System™, and then popularized them with his well known F-27 design, which has been superseeded by the Farrier 82R.

All Farrier multihulls are designed to be safe, practical, family cruising yachts that offer a unique combination of room and high performance.  Farrier multihulls offer: lead free sailing without high fuel costs, no heavy ballast - fast enough for water skiing, smaller models can be towed by a fuel efficient car.

The Farrier offers:

  • Level sailing
  • Comfort
  • Deck space
  • Unsinkability
  • Shallow draft
  • Stability
  • Fast & responsive cruising boat

Farrier catamarans and trimarans combine all of the above advantages of multihulls and make what they believe are the perfect sport cruiser.  They offer a unique combination of easily handled fun for the cruiser and an exciting performance for the racer.


Farrier Marine

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