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What is an A-Class catamaran?

The A-Class catamaran, is a developmental class sailing catamaran for single handed racing. The A-Class design has developed to a single sail rig using a lightweight carbon mast.

The hulls and beams are also quite often made out of carbon fibre. This single sail rig allows these boats to truly excel when sailing upwind. Their lightweight and time tested sailing techniques make them very fast on reaches and downwind legs.

The A-Class often leads over other catamaran classes in terms of design development. Design examples are: the carbon mast, the square top mainsail, the wave-piercer hull design and in general the use of revolutionary materials.


NZ A Division Catamaran Association
Australian International A Division Catamaran

C-Tech also manufacture products for the Farrier 28 and Other designs of multihulls.

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