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Moth Masts

Moth Masts

C-Tech has a range of Moth masts that can be used with all current rig and manufacturer configurations to suit all sailor weights. Standard specifications can be tweaked for individual preferences. 
All masts can be ordered with tall rig or deck sweeper configuration. A male mast base adapter option is also available.

Deck Sweeper Rig
Tall Rig

Standard bend profile and stiffness options are:

Model 03
Offers excellent leech control and very fast downwind. 
Recommended for:
Sailors 90kg+
Sailors 83kg+ in up to 12 knots

Model 03B
10% softer than model 03 mast. Has the same bend profile as the 03. 
Recommended for:
Sailors 83kg+
Sailors 75kg+ in up to 12 knots

Model 03C
17% softer than the 03 model (7% softer than 03B). Has the same bend profile as the 03 and 03B. 
Recommended for:
Sailors 75-85kg
Model 03C minus
12% softer than the 03C model (30% softer than 03). 
Recommended for:
Sailors 65-75kg

Model 03D
7% softer than the 03C model (37% softer than the 03). 
Recommended for:
Sailors up to 65kg 

Male Mast Base (Mach 2)
Mast base adapter for male (Mach 2) mast post. Can be used as a strengthening kit. Kit consists of Stainless pin, Acetal plug and carbon strengthening sleeve.
Male Mast Base
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