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Moth - Adam Mustill-144

C-Tech Moth Products

C-Tech spars have the highest possible stiffness and strength to weight ratios and are produced to exacting standards with consistent bend curves. This is achieved by a combination of fibre selection and placement. The fibres are all high modulus prepreg carbon fibre. These are placed with no crimp (interweaving of layers) and no laps along the the taper. This greatly improves mast strength and consistency of flex curve.

The masts have relative constant curve mast flex. This means that the mast bends in a relatively even curve which enables easier tuning and a greater range of sail settings. All C-T masts come with the standard female mast plug, but you can ask for a male plug instead. Masts are supplied in 2 pieces, with the tip pre-fitted and ready to join on arrival.

We offer 5 models of mast that are all built using high modulus carbon on our 37mm mandrel. C-Tech keeps up to date with development and works with some of the top sailors in the class to continually improve performance.



Bent Boom

The latest C-Tech Bent Moth Boom supplied for boats configured with a low mast post with a 15° bend. We also have a boom with a 9° bend suitable for the old high post Mach 2 configuration. The mainsheet attachment incorporates the vang attachment with a titanium through bar.

Standard boom dimensions
Converting old gooseneck to new configurations


 Software analysis of a higher position on the Moth rig 500-465-235


C-Tech has a range of Moth masts that can be used with all current rig and manufacturer configurations to suit all sailor weights. Standard specifications can be tweaked for individual preferences

All masts can be ordered with tall rig or deck sweeper configuration. A male mast base adapter option is also available.

Standard bend profile and stiffness options are shown below.

Read the story of rig development

Moth Vertical Foil 2-813
Moth Rudder Foil (2)-279Moth Rudder Vertical 2-251

Vertical Foils

C-Tech is also the manufacturer for Mackay Boats Bieker Moth vertical foils.

These are an integral part of the boats international success and are made from high modulus pre-preg carbon fibre with a foam core for incredible stiffness.

They are cured in our autoclave using precision alloy tooling. This process means we can achieve maximum stiffness possible for a given sectional area. This is part of the Mackay Boats Bieker Moth advantage.



C-Tech has developed a set of moth PlateBattens that work with multiple sail manufacturers.


Tube Kit

Full tube kit, price on application. Kit is customised for individual requirements. Standard tube kit can consist of:

Mast post - Forward and aft bars - Outer bars (including sleeves) - Compression strut - Bowsprit - Wand


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