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Hugh Welbourn designed the Q23 foiling monohull boat which C-Tech are the rig suppliers for, Thomas Jundt wanted a bigger version of Q23 – which brought about the design of the new Q35 (QFX)


The Project/Boat:

Thomas Jundt wanted everything to be as light as possible - a great challenge for the design and production process to also keep safety and durability standards as high as possible.  The boat doesn’t have foils yet but has been racing/testing the boat anyway until they arrive.  It recently performed extremely well at Lake Garda week; 2nd monohull on line (0-16 knots) out of 647 entrants (this is even without the foils!)

“Yes the boat is going well in any conditions, which is great: We are super-fast with no wind, it is a true lake racer! But we also handled steady 25 knots going upwind with good speed.  To beat the football team it needs above 12 knots of wind and foils 🙂 lets see next year.”

– Thomas Jundt reports back after Garda week.


Spar Details
VGj7itmA-33 WIN 20191015 11 47 14 Pro-1

WIN 20191018 14 46 40 Pro-96

WIN 20191018 14 39 22 Pro-37

WIN 20191018 14 38 19 Pro-164
Custom 3D Printed Titanium Fittings

WIN 20191018 14 49 07 Pro-325
WIN 20191108 09 51 57 Pro-890
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