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Q & A session with Jason Beebe - recent runner up at the Contender Worlds in Santa Cruz

2016 Worlds Jason Beebe 1
C-Tech: Can you give us a quick summary of how you found your new mast?
JB: I am really pleased with the new mast. The objectives have been achieved. My mainsail is tighter through the mid leach with the twist profile pushed higher. There has been no alterations to the standard Wavelength sail other than the luff curve. Gust response has not been an issue so we have definitely not gone too far. The boat was easy to sail.
C-Tech: Any comments?
JB: The product is excellent and a few people commented on the level of finish. I particularly like the C-Tech gooseneck and the 2:1 mast head crane.
C-Tech: How was the performance?
JB: Performance - goooood. Through the US Nationals and the Worlds I won two very light races. I won convincingly the only truly consistent moderate race. Unfortunately there were not any of these in the Worlds. Upper pressure I am really happy with the result. I am on an even footing with Mark Bulka and giving up around 4 boat lengths to Simon Mussell on a beat. Simon is a little taller and 15-20kgs heavier. There are still gains to be made with the lowers/spreader rake combo not quite right. With performance so good I was adverse to making changes during the Worlds. I was just running out of luff curve in the head without being able to fully cunningham, negating my ability to further flatten the bottom of the main. I was close enough that my size advantage downwind should have come through. My skills were not up to this early in the regatta. There were three breezy races - two perfect Contender racing breezes and one that has now become known as “Big Wednesday”. Results for these were 3, 2 and a lot of swimming for BW.
C-Tech: Better than your last mast?
JB: Significantly so. It is far better suited to my weight (86-87 kg) and allows greater control over depth and twist.

Geoff Fisher wins 3rd Australian National Contender Championship using C-Tech mast

Geoff Fisher AUS Nats 2015 credit Nathan Harris C

In a dominant display, Geoff Fisher has won his 3rd National crown with a score at the end of the 7 races counted of 8 points.  His 2 discards were a 2nd and an OCS (that he crossed first in - doh!).

Fisher said "this is the second win with the spreaderless C-Tech mast.  I continue to be very impressed with it.  Having spent more time on the water this year, it is really showing form.  Reaching speed was awesome while upwind speed and height was stellar."

Photo credit: Nathan Harris

New concept for spreader-less rig the next generation of Contender masts?

Ethan Bixby ContendersCongratulations to Ethan Bixby who placed 5th at the 2012 Contender World Champs in Florida racing with a new concept spreader-less rig. Designed by C-Tech the concept has been developed along the lines of the Farr 3.7's spreader-less rig.  

Geoff Fisher the reigning Aussie Contender Champ won the Australian Nationals earlier this year racing with the same spreader-less rig from C-Tech.



The main advantages of the speader-less rig are:-
• reduction in windage
• more effective weight distribution
• predictable bend
• reduced cost

2011 & 2012 Australian Contender Champ's won with a C-Tech mast

Geoff Fisher Australian Nationals 2012  Congratulations to Geoff Fisher who has won the International Contender Australian Championships with a C-Tech mast two years in a row.

In 2012 Geoff raced with a new concept of a spreader-less rig from C-Tech.

In 2011 Geoff Fisher with his C-Tech rig dominated the event with 27 Contender's racing.


2010 Swiss Contender Champ's won with a C-Tech mast

Congratulations to Gernot Gotz who won the Swiss Championships with a C-Tech mast in a competition of 20 sailors.   Congratulations also to Frank Richter who finished 6th in the German Contender Champ's sailng with a C-Tech mast.  There were 45 participants, and 5th place was also won using a C-Tech mast.  Frank now places 7th in the annual German Contender ranking list.  


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