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What is a 505?

The 5O5 is a double-handed boat that incorporates a light weight, high performance hull design with a powerful sail plan and trapeze.

The class rules are one-design, with the emphasis on controlling aspects that most directly affect boat speed.  The sailplan and hull shape are tightly controlled, while the rigging layout, spars, and the foils are open.

This allows the boat to be set up in many ways to suit the sailor.  There are several distinct types of sail and layout combinations from the US, Australia and Europe.  The result is that, at any Worlds, all types will be used by the top 10. Most US boats currently have adjustable shrouds, forestay, and mast ram, which allows rig tension, rake and bend to be changed while racing.


International 505
Australian 505
American 505

C-Tech also manufacture products for the International Contender
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