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What is an I14?

C-Tech I14 masts 

C-Tech masts for the I14 are manufactured using light weight, reactive, carbon.  Laminates are adjusted for individual crew weights. 

Custom orders can be taken for any size or diameter of mast.

"The spars for our 14s arrived last week.  Excellent service, great looking spars.  Thank Alex and the team for me for getting the tubes in the air so quickly and for his time on the phone" 

David Chisholm, June 2011

C-Tech I14 carbon masts

  • Male-molded using pre-preg carbon-fibre 
  • High modulus high grade carbon
  • Laminate reinforced to take hounds, spreaders etc during lay-up
  • Oven-baked
  • 2 piece mast (1 section to hounds plus tip)
  • Plastic or glass fibre sail tracks available
  • Sails also supplied to match masts
  • Mast weight with track (average): 5.9 kg


C-Tech I14 booms & Spreaders

Carbon booms can be constructed on mandrels of any size and shape.  C-Tech manufacture light-weight carbon spreaders suitable for supporting a range of masts and prods.  Spreaders can be supplied individually, or in pairs attached to carbon bands.

What is an International 14?

The International 14 is a high performance development skiff with two crew on a trapeze supporting 50+ sqm of sail area including an asymmetric kite.  The World's leading off the beach class is sailed throughout Australia. 

2011 Riva Cup 14ft Skiff Regatta

Congratulations to Mark Tait and Douglas Pattison who won the Riva Cup at Lake Garda in Italy with a 14ft Skiff mast. 

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