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What is a VS?

The VS was conceived in 1936 and in 1965 a version was produced with a vertical stem, this gave greater length and used hard chines and a flatter bottom.  Modifications which produced a greater boat speed.

Forty years later and the VS is essentially a 15ft one-design craft.  The class has undergone considerable enhancement and continued development is controlled by the association. The majority of boats are now built from a composite construction from the Association mould. These feature an open cockpit, self tacking jib, carbon spars and a masthead asymmetric spinnaker.  

VS boats provide all the speed and thrills of skiff racing without the expense of the multiple rigged skiffs. The contemporary VS continues the philosophy of its designer and offers high performance racing at a reasonable cost. 


  • Long established Class, over 50 years
  • Latest Skiff technology in a 15ft one-design boat
  • One efficient competitive carbon rig
  • Professionally built/home built hulls


Australian VS

C-Tech also manufacture products for the Australian Cherub, Skate, Javelin & Flying 11 

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