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Alex Vallings is pace setting this week in San Fran at the 18ft Skiff regatta follow the news here at the 18 footer site

C-Tech 18ft skiff masts 

Masts are supplied in 2 pieces, with the tip pre-fitted and ready to join on arrival. 

Carbon fibre spreaders can be supplied on bands, ready to be attached on arrival. Laminates are adjusted for individual crew weights.  C-Tech's 18ft Skiff components are manufactured from pre-preg carbon fibre.

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18ft Skiff news/results

C-Tech's Alex Vallings racing his 18ft Skiff "CT Sailbattens" with a full C-Tech 18ft Skiff rig

"We do have a standard base-rig design, but we work very closely with the various sailors to customise the rigs to their preferences."

Alex Vallings, Seahorse International sailing Magazine, July 2009 

What is an 18ft Skiff?

The 18ft Skiff is considered the fastest class of sailing skiffs.  18ft Skiffs originate from Australia as early as 1892.  Mark Foy was determined to popularise sailing as an exciting spectator sport and the 18 footer was born.  An open centreboard boat with a very light hull these skiffs carried a crew of 14 and had a huge amount of sail which gave them fast downwind speeds.

The 18 footer continues today to be a popular racing yacht.  The World Championships are held in Sydney and the sport has developed to an International level.  Because of the need for strength, agility and skill, the class is considered to be the top level of small boat sailing.  

C-Tech won the 18ft Skiff Mark Foy Trophy 2012

Alex Vallings from C-Tech has won the 2012 Mark Foy Trophy in Auckland, a great result for the NZ fleet.  Sailing with Chris Kitchen and Ollie Scott-Mackie, the trio sailed to victory in a brand new skiff.

C-Tech Pre JJ Giltinian training day 2012

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