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16ft Skiff

16' Skiff Fire Stopping with a C-Tech mast

16ft Skiff "Fire Stopping" sailing with a C-Tech mast 

Photo courtesy: James Bury

C-Tech 16ft Skiff masts and spars

A recent rule change has allowed the use of carbon fibre spars and masts in the 16ft Skiff Class. C-Tech has several oval profiles suitable for carbon 16ft skiff booms. Carbon #1 and #2 prods are also available from C-Tech.  Feedback from Australia on the masts is that the boats are higher and faster with a C-Tech rig.  

If you have an enquiry about a 16ft Skiff product not listed below please contact us, as C-Tech can custom-build to suit your requirements.  

What is a 16ft Skiff?

C-Tech 16ft Skiff products

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