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OK Dinghy on You tube, Testimonials

OK Dinghy - Art on water, August 2014


"I think I have probably owned more OK masts than anyone else, it must be around 12 -14 by now. The reason I've had so many is not that I was looking for the perfect mast, as they were all very good, but more that I was able to try different ideas and concepts because the C-Tech team are so good at making exactly what I asked for.

Their consistent quality is for me, a very important factor: here at Turtle Sails we provide sails for a lot of the fleet and the accuracy of the bend numbers enables us to make a perfect match to the mast almost every time. This allows the customer to get a rig that matches their size, fitness and ability, basically straight out of the box. The fact the masts are simply the best on the market as well means between us we have a lot of happy customers"  

Greg Wilcox, Turtle Sails, June 2014     

"My C-Tech OK mast is a World leader in terms of design concept and construction"

Karl Purdie, February 2010

"Tell Alex the mast is awesome"
Mike Wilde, May 2009

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