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C-Tech manufacture a wide range of carbon fibre mast sections. Both high modulus carbon fibre (HM) and standard modulus carbon fibre (SM) are available.

Custom-built carbon masts are available on request


C-Tech manufacture a wide range of carbon fibre booms for different classes. A full list of all boom sections can be viewed on our booms page, or in each individual class section.

Carbon booms can be custom-built to suit almost any yacht or class.


C-Tech's carbon prods are manufactured for many different classes. Please see our prods page, or each individual class section for details.  

Spinnaker poles

C-Tech manufacture a wide range of carbon fibre spinnaker poles. Carbon poles can be custom built to suit almost any yacht or class.  Please see our spinnaker poles page for detailed information. 

Carbon tube

C-Tech manufacture a range of parallel or tapered carbon tube. Materials used are pre-preg carbon fibre, glass fibre or carbon/glass mix.

C-Tech can provide mandrel-wrapped carbon or carbon/glass tube in sizes from 5mm ID (inside diameter) to 150mm ID.  Bigger sizes are available in molded tube.  Visit www.carbon-tube.com for more information.

Sail battens

C-Tech manufacture the CT Sailbattens range of carbon fibre sail batten products suitable for monohulls over 50ft and multihulls over 35ft.

CT Sailbattens are hollow, rectangular, tapered, carbon fibre sail battens. Strong, light-weight and durable, CT Sailbattens are recognised as the best product on the market by world class sailors.  Visit www.sailbattens.com for more information. 


Plastic, glass and carbon sail-track is available from C-Tech.  Plastic track has maximum UV properties and is made from the highest-quality PVC with a high temperature resistance. 

  • White plastic sail-track suitable for small yachts up to 16ft and for use with awnings can be purchased in 3m lengths. 
  • Black plastic sail-track is available for yachts from 14ft to 30ft, and can be purchased in 5.9m lengths.
  • Glass sail-track is available with 12mm ID x 1.5mm wall thickness in standard finish.  This is available in 2.9m lengths. 
  • Carbon sail-track is available with 8mm ID x 1mm wall thickness in standard finish.  This is available in 2.5m lengths.
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