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News from the AC & 18ft Skiff Mark Foy 2013

San Francisco 15/09/13

On Saturday I think it’s fair to say all the Kiwi’s down at Marina Green thought their flights home on Sunday night were safe and they had timed it perfectly to see the entire America’s Cup.  After the Kiwi challenge came within a gnats whisker of capsizing yesterday I don’t think any of us will be as complacent as we head down to the water today.  It was Alex’s reaction, more so than what we were seeing on the big screen, that brought home to me how incredibly close New Zealand came to not making it to the end of the Cup.  He nearly drilled a hole in the ground jumping up and down, holding his head in his hands, and yelling out “No! No!”.  As Peter Montgomery  (and probably many others) said in a previous challenge, “it’s not over till the fat lady sings”.  With Oracle showing their form it looks like there is plenty more really tight racing to come and I’m more than happy to drop all my expectations and wait to see what comes out of today (Sunday, US time).

Lyn Holland

C-Tech in San Fran 2013

C-Tech in San Fran 2013

C-Tech in San Fran 2013

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San Francisco 09/09/13

"It is absolutely magic being here.  We are in front of the grand-stands on Marina Green.  There are TV's at either end; the 18's have a rigging area on the City side of the grand-stands and C-Tech's boat is immediately behind one of the TV screens.  There seem to be a huge number of Kiwi's at our end of the park.  Everyone is wearing NZ flags (donated by Stephen Tindall and handed out to spectators) and cheers go up on every cross that NZ is ahead.  Yesterday even though NZ won both races the crowd cheered every time NZ did a foiling gybe, because they are *so* spectacular and polished at doing it.  The close racing today was even better.  We really knew we were in San Francisco when oracle won the second race today - the crowd went wild!!!

Instead of having the 18's racing today (as per the program) they have shifted it to tomorrow (which was supposed to be a lay-day) and are running 3 races.  Yesterday they sent the guys out for a practice race after the AC72's but it took half an hour to clear all the spectators while the boats were rigging up then another hour to launch the 21 boats, one at a time, down the specially built ramp.  During that time the ebb tide was ripping out so carnage ensued on the race course with massive wind against tide.

At one stage I could only see 4 boats upright.  Until the tide co-operates (after tomorrow) they are going to run the races earlier, hence having to sail on the lay-day.  Should be interesting, there is super-yacht regatta on and Oracle mentioned practicing, so the 18's should have some competition on their race-course. "AC72 trips over 18ft Skiff..." I can see the headlines now.

Lyn Holland

18ft Skiff C-Tech shares the water in San Fran' with the AC72's

C-Tech take a break from racing & watch the action on the big screen

Oracle's AC72 flying along

Can the Kiwi's bring it home for NZ?
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