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2009/2010 Australian Championship Results with C-Tech equipment


Class                         "Boat Name" & Skipper/Crew                         Result 
12ft Skiff Interdominions    
12ft Skiffs  "Dimension Polyant " N.Press/B.Yabsley  1st 
12ft Skiffs  "Frankenskiff " T.Bartlett/A.Miller   2nd 
12ft Skiffs  "Nuplex" A.Vallings/C.Kitchener  3rd 
12ft Skiffs "Nice Action Too" H.Hey/M.Candy  4th 
12ft Skiffs "Garde" B.Hobson/A.Johnston 5th
12ft Skiffs "Little Bus" C.Reid/B.De Fluiter 6th
12ft Skiffs  "Gemmell Sails" M.Press/B.Gemmell  7th 
12ft Skiffs  "Dimension Polyant NZ" S.Ganley/R.Chave  8th 
12ft Skiffs  "As good as it gets" G.Armstrong/J.Schultz  9th 
12ft Skiffs "Design Source" P.Macintosh/K.Fyfe 10th
13ft Skiff Champs    
13ft Skiffs "Northside Sailing School" S.Cotton/R.Size 1st
13ft Skiffs "MBH2" O.Price/K.Searle 2nd
13ft Skiffs "Tyres and More" M.Stenta/J.McKnight 3rd
13ft Skiffs "Northside Airconditioning" F.Walker/L.Roundtree 4th
13ft Skiffs "Fluid Building" G.Clancy/A.Clancy 5th
13ft Skiffs "One Scrap" J.Moore/G.Moore 6th
13ft Skiffs "Switched on Innovations" L.Darmanin/E.Darmanin 7th
13ft Skiffs "Livewire" T.Forbes-Smith/D.James 8th
13ft Skiffs "Bell Potter" A.McFadyen/J.Dargaville 9th
13ft Skiffs "Chinook" J.Doyle/T.Dury 10th
16ft Skiff Champs    
16ft Skiffs "Fluid Building" C.Bowen 1st
18ft Skiff Champs    
18ft Skiffs "Smeg" N.Press 3rd
18ft Skiffs "Slam" G.Rollerson 5th
18ft Skiffs "Yandoo" J.Winning 6th
18ft Skiffs "Appliances online.com.au" J.Winning Jr  8th
Flying Dutchman Champs    
Flying Dutchman  "Utopia 7" E.Cox/P.Bevis  2nd 
Flying Dutchman "Wooosh" R.Douglass/D.Rawson Harris 3rd
Flying Dutchman "Giulia" M.Thorpe/R.Johnson 5th
Moth Champs    
Moth "HTFU" A.Stevenson 2nd
Moth "Obsession" A.Goddard 4th
Moth "Aircooled" J.Ilett 8th
48th OK Dinghy Champs    
OK Dinghy "Time Machine" M.Williams  1st
OK Dinghy "Knot 4 sale" A.Blasse        3rd
OK Dinghy "PO" G.Williams 6th
OK Dinghy "Natural Selection" P.Wallace 10th
NS14 NSW State Titles    
NS14 "Dark side of the moon" R.Fish/C.Cause  1st
NS14 "Salty Lips" S.Day/H.Norris 2nd
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