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Emirates Team New Zealand Endorsement
“C-Tech have taken on a key role building specialised componentry as part of the build group for our current AC class yacht. The team at C-Tech ensures the constant last minute changes to design and construction are communicated, planned and implemented efficiently to ensure the parts are completed on time and quality controls remain at the highest standard" - Sean Regan, Emirates Team New Zealand

Rob Greenhalgh Credit Mark Jardine
Photo credit: Mark Jardine
"I am very happy with all of my C Tech products to date. The spec is always as expected and the finish is superb with no additional work required. Attention to detail and service have always been top level" - Rob Greenhalgh

"I just love this new rig and sails. The are just perfect. You have turned the boat from being a bit of a pig to a real weapon. It is very powerfully but yet it is CONTROLLABLE and that we can turn that power into boat speed.

Pity we did not have Tim on broad to do the first rig. He has been very helpful. And is all ways patient when I am keep ringing and asking him silly questions. 

I have has over ten people ask were did we get this amazing extra speed from....
But I am not telling them... Thanks heaps"
Anonymous Sports Boat Owner, June 2015

New rollo 18ft skiff rig"I just wanted to thank you for your support of my vision for the future.  The rig has setup really nicely and your input and manufacture skill have played a significant role in the outcome.  

Today we sailed the boat in upper wind range 15-18 knots and the rig was perfect.  Setup was very manageable and felt fast.

We will make some mods to jib and f/stay setup and it's done"

Jack Young December 2013

"The carbon tube has arrived in Cagliari, they are in excellent condition and at the right length, thank you, you did very good work, we will remember you for future purchases" Efisio Pani, University of Cagliari June 2012

"I never really got a chance to Thank You personally for the mast you built for me... (It's Awesome) Tom Muller May 2012

"The yacht "Sunshine" loves her battens, being a 90' cat and sail short handed we have put ours to the test over and over again.  Thank you to the CT family, we love our battens" Tommy July 2012

"the tube for my A-Cat arrived this afternoon and looks great, thanks a lot for your very kind service and helpful communication, I wholeheartedly recommend to buy from you" Ulrich Von Vambuler July 2012 

"Just a note to say the mast arrived a few days ago in perfect condition, thank you for your efficient and friendly service, much appreciated" Howard Stevens July 2012

"Let Alex and the crew know their work is top notch" Jon Raymond, i550 sailor March 2010

"Thanks for the service you have provided in making both my masts, both are world leaders in terms of design concept and construction, and once again thank you for providing the crucial part of the winning engine " Karl Purdie, OK Dinghy Champion 2010

Thomas Hansson-Mild wins OK Dinghy Champs 2009 with a C-Tech OK mast

"In the Spring of 2009 I ordered a new mast from C-Tech, New Zealand, which is at the forefront in the development of carbon fibre masts, and at the World qualifiers my results confirmed I was on the right track" Thomas Hansson-Mild, OK Dinghy Champion 2009

"Thanks for a World winning mast! I write to say that i'm very happy with the mast and it worked very nicely" September 2009    

"You should think about springing for a carbon fibre rig from C-Tech as soon as possible.  They do terrific work, I get my rig out from time to time just to look at it because the carbon fibre layup is so gorgeous" Tim Ford, i550 sailor November 2009  

"I'm very happy with my new C-Tech mast and boom, they are gorgeous, a work of art. Ron Bowman, i550 sailorRon Bowman's i550 sport boat sails with a C-Tech mast & boom

Thank you for great work, a great price and for working with us to ship them from New Zealand to the United States" October 2009

"C-Tech have done a great job. Everything is well designed and put together, great workmanship and....light!" Tom Klestadt, i550 sailor October 2009

"I have just returned from two overseas regattas, worlds in Holland and then New York, the mast seems very fast, particularly once the breeze is over 12-15 knts.  Boats using the mast led to the first mark many times and achieved good top 5 results in individual heats" Edward Cox, Flying Dutchman sailor September 2009  

"Alex I just love the mast you made me!!!! Thought I would let you know.  Please make sure you keep my numbers on file, as the bend is perfect for me" Mark Roberts, OK Dinghy sailor July 2009

"Just a few words to tell you I am very happy with the masts"  Stephane Beytrison, Multihull sailor Indonesia, July 2009 

Alfred Sulger sailing his Contender with a C-Tech mast

"The Contender mast you calculated and constructed in 2005 has been really good, the quality and everything was perfect" Alfred Sulger, Contender sailor July 2009

"Just letting you know that the first mast is complete and has gone on my second boat which my nephew is sailing. Apparently he was untouchable upwind – to the point where the smart arse decided to do 360’s around the other bloke" Geoff Fisher, Contender sailor July 2009

Mike Wilde, OK Dinghy sailor "Tell Alex the mast is awesome" June 2009

"Tell Ginge the boom is fantastic and the bow pole has worked perfectly as well" Andrew Turner, Thompson sailor May 2009
"My last boat Nacra A2 had C-Tech beams, I was very happy with them and would like to use them on my new design boat" Tony Arends, A-Class Cat sailor May 2009
"Since I have purchased the mast my results and performance have improved 10 fold. I know of 3 Finn sailors who are due to order masts after seeing the results I have achieved" Alan Dawson, Finn sailor April 2009
Daniel Keys sailing his 505 with a C-Tech boom and spinnaker pole

"The boom and spinnaker pole are excellent" Daniel Keys, 505 sailor April 2009

"There is something very sexy about Carbon Fibre, especially when it's well made stuff and C-Tech seems to have the knack, no lie" Tim Ford, i550 sailor March 2009

"1 year ago I purchased an HM mast sleeve (converted mast from a 1 piece to a 2 piece setup) & HM gantry tube. HM tube is fantastic. The gantry I built was incredibly strong - I could stand on it completely unsupported and it wouldn't flex. I just wish I'd made the gantry before nationals, because my old one broke at nats after 3 races" Jon Emonson, Moth sailor 2008

"renowned supplier C-Tech and skiff sailor, expert, guru Alex Vallings is considered one of the World's experts in sportboat and skiff rigs" Shaw 650 website read more

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