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Manufacturing Processes

C-Tech has a well-equipped 2000sqm purpose built factory that was built in 2010. C-Tech's manufacturing processes include:
- Drawing
- Design
- Tool Manufacture
- Mandrel wrapping (male moulding)
- Female moulding
- Wet laminate
- Vacuum Infusion
- Oven and autoclave curing
- Complete fit-out, painting and finishing of products
- C-Tech offers a total post-production service by partner company Absolute CNC for the manufacture of CNC machined components, including aluminium moulds for proto-type or production runs

C-Tech has three temperature cycle controlled ovens capable of curing up to temperatures of 180°C. 


C-Tech's pressure and temperature controlled autoclave can cure components up to 15.3m long and 1.44m in diameter in one piece.

Autoclave sample clearcut-890
Max Internal Length:  15.3m
Max Internal Diameter: 1.44m
Max Temperature: 180°C
Max Pressure: 7 bar


Eastman S125 Pre-preg cutter/plotter with a 1.5m x 10m flatbed.

Wrapping Machines

C-Tech has a range of custom built mandrel wrapping machines – the latest, and largest was commissioned in June 2016. The wrapping machines improve quality of laminate consolidation and can handle tubes up to 1200mm in diameter, 13m long.

Clean Room

C-Tech has a world class 600sqm high stud positive pressure, humidity and temperature controlled clean room. This infrastructure for our Pre-preg work has increased capacity for production as well as further improving the quality of the manufacturing processes.
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CNC Machining and Mould Manufacture

C-Tech offers a total post-production service by utilising Absolute CNC for the manufacture of CNC machined components, including aluminum moulds for proto-type or production runs. 
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C-Tech processes over 30,000sqm of Pre-preg fibre each year. We use the latest materials available to satisfy the customers’ mechanical, chemical and heat requirements. Some of the materials used are:
- Pre-preg, Carbon fibre, E-Glass, S-Glass and Kevlar
- Epoxy and Phenolic resin systems
- Standard, high and ultra-high modulus carbon fibres
- Metals and alloys including titanium printed components
- Core materials including honeycombs and foam

Other Infrastructure

- 40ft refrigerated container for storage of Pre-preg at -15°C
- Forklift
- Spray booth
- Dedicated 100sqm grinding bay with a filtered extraction system.
- On site engineering workshop
- Large selection of mandrels and tooling

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